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Who are we?

WitherHosting, Started in 2019 as a test project by me (AlexPads) for school, but than it exploded and I decided why not make this a real thing? We are on a mission now to show people that good hosting and quality support dont come at a high price. All of these things combined has inspired our "Without Limits" branding. Thanks for being interested!

Questions? use the QnA!

We have a 24hr money back guarantee. if you order and are not satified with your order contact us through the Live Chat and we will get your money back to you!

You may upgrade or downgrade at any time at the price difference between the 2 for thoes months. you will not recieve money back if you downgrade. you may ask us to upgrade or downgrade your server in the Live Chat at any time!

We support PayPal and Credit/Debit Payments at this time.

This is a very cool feature. If you buy a MCPE or any type of Game server if you would like to change that game to another type like from MCPE -> CS:GO that is possible at no extra cost! Ask us at any time using the Live Chat!

Tech FaQ

Yes, we have state of the art DDoS protection. If your server is affected we will instantly move it to a safer location.

We really allow Unlimited storage but if we do see over about 5GB used we will investigate and if there are files on there that are not Server or Company Related we will be in contact.

Thanks for asking! you are getting depeding on Location:
Kansas City (Game & VPS "Self Owned Hardware"):    

* AMD Ryzen 7 3700X @ 3.9-4.8Ghz CPU

* NVMe / Sata SSD in RAID 6

* 1Gbps Network Connection

* DDR4 EEC 3200mhz RAM

NYC (All WebHosting):

* Intel i7 7700K CPU


* DDR4 ECC 2600Mhz RAM

* 1Gbps Network Connection

Europe & Australia Coming Soon!

Montreal Canada (VPS Hosting / Game Hosting Coming Soon):

* Intel i9 9700K CPU & AMD EPYC @ 4.0Ghz


* DDR4 ECC 3000Mhz RAM

* 1Gbps Network Connection

You could Win one? We don't always offer free hosting but we do frequent giveaways! 


Like our servies? Want to help out? Support Staff positions available Contact us!


Owner / Head Developer


Developer / Support Staff


Head Support Manager

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