About Us

Learn about WitherHosting, How it was created and who started it.

WitherHosting Timeline

May 2019


WitherHosting started as a small school project and was released as a side hobby with 0 expectation that it would grow.

October 2019

Web-Hosting Release

In October after months of work and failures WitherHosting released Web-Hosting for a low price with limited specifications. 

December 2019

250 Clients

By December WitherHosting had to make changes to website infrastructure after hitting 250 clients. Growing Quickly

March 2020

Pandemic Starts

COVID-19 Pandemic starts and all work is now being done at home allowing for more free time and the need for more people to interact online. 

June 2020

1000 Clients

In just 6 months WitherHosting has gone from 250 Clients to 1000+ Clients. This pushes all staff to work harder to provide a better service for everyone.

July 2020

167 New Orders

In July 2020 WitherHosting setup 167 new orders in a single day accepting all orders without any issues every client receiving their service instantly!

September 2020

MultiServer Release

Multiservers a system of WitherHosting's Design allow a user to create or destroy multiple servers all at once while paying a flat rate fee for resources.

December 2020

5 Locations

By December WitherHosting's services were available in 5 Locations allowing users from all parts of the world to use our services with low ping.

January 2021

2000 Clients

WitherHosting now grown to 2000 Clients was experiencing the effects of the hardware shortage and has run out of stock of servers for almost the whole month.

March 2021

IPV4 Purchase

In March 2021 WitherHosting purchases 768 owned IP addresses to keep clients safe and protected during DDoS attacks and to allow us easier expansion and cheaper dedicated ports!

June 2021

WitherPanel 2.0

WitherHosting releases a Customized and re-designed panel written in JS & Rust allowing for full client control and allowing complete customization of all server aspects.

July 2021

Billing Panel 2.0!

 WitherHosting has changed its billing software from the ever so popular WHMCS to a very customized and beautiful solution!