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Flash Sale Bundles

Different Flash Sales every week!

What are the Sales this week?

Small Network

$ 4 mo
  • 10 Available
  • 3x 1GB Basic Servers
  • 1x Proxy Server
  • Unlimited Storage*
  • Dedicated IP YES*

Medium Network

$ 10 mo
  • 15 Available
  • 2x 1GB Basic Servers
  • 1x 2GB Basic Server
  • 1x Proxy Server
  • 1x Web Hosting
  • 1x .com / .net domain
  • Unlimited Storage*
  • Dedicated IP YES*

* Storage Space is limited to 10GB on some plans to prevent abuse, this can be upgraded at any time for free!
** Dedicated IP's are available if requested


Indianapolis, USA
New York City, USA
Los Angles, USA
Germany, Europe


Phone: +1 (832) 392 4660
Email: [email protected]