Carry the freedom of unlimited servers starting at a dollar a month.

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Drag the slider to allocate more Ram & CPU to your multiserver plan.





$1 monthly



Selectable RAM

Selectable CPU

MCPE & Java Compatible

Dedicated Ip

Automatic Backups


How it Works?

Multiservers work by allocating an amount of resources to your account, based on what you purchased. From there, you can “spend” resources on as many servers as you want, as long as they fall into your resource limits.

Supported Games

Here are some supported games multiservers offer.

All our Multiserver Services Offer

Configurable RAM

Configurable Storage

Configurable CPU

Servers Across the World

Carry the freedom of having a server located wherever you would like. Choose from 6 locations across the world with three locations in America.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we do, we have a 24hr refund policy. However with our extremely low prices we have to be very strict on who qualifies for this refund. You MUST include a VALID cancellation reason with your cancellation request & you MUST include that you would like a refund in your cancellation request. cancelling the server with the reason "I couldn't get it to work" but you never contacted support or tried will NOT get you a refund. Cancelling a server with the reason "I have decided that I do not want to play Minecraft anymore and I would really like a refund for this service." Will most likely get you a refund. If you have used a promo code at purchase that brings the price down more than 25% you are NOT able to receive a refund.
Yes users are able upgrade and downgrade their services inside the billing panel
Yes! We have some of the best DDoS protection available! All of our services come with Basic DDoS protection that will work for 90% of attacks on any services however some servers get larger attacks than others and may go offline using Basic DDoS Protection.
We try to respond as quickly as possible however we are all volunteer support staff and we have lives of our own! If you need something quick you may use the LiveChat if you have a billing issue we suggest that you use the Ticket system available in the client area.
No, we use a custom Pterodactyl panel with our fully custom changes!
Only Gold+ Level partners are able to get their affiliate link generated money back out to PayPal. Account funds are NOT refundable.