Terms Of Service

WitherHosting Terms Of Service, applies to all products.


In order to cancel your services, you must issue a cancellation request within our billing area at https://witherhosting.com/servers/clientarea. Additionally, you must manually cancel any active PayPal subscriptions that were created when ordering your service. We do not have access to deduct funds from your PayPal account, and will not be held responsible for automated payments made via a subscription.

If you cancel your server through the panel you must include in the "cancellation reason" that you would like to request a refund. Without stating that you would like a refund in the cancellation request we cannot provide a refund if requested later.


Only all our shared hosting (Minecraft, GarrysMod, ARK, Rust, CS:GO, Webhosting, Standard DDoS protection (NON-GRE), MultiServers) include a 48 hour refund policy. The refunds are only given out if there is a proper valid reason. If the billing panel shows an Invalid reason, we cannot offer any refund. However we may ask that you provide us with a refund request if we feel that you could qualify for one with the correct reasoning. If the first 48 hours have been exceeded since the first payment, we cannot offer any refunds.

Failure to make a payment within 3 days after an invoice is due, will result in that service being suspended. In order to re-activate your service, you will have to pay the invoice.

Failure to make a payment 7 days after an invoice is due, will result in a complete termination of that service. Once a service is terminated, it may not be reactivated, and data cannot be recovered.

Any chargebacks or reversed transactions made on your payments will result in your account being immediately terminated and banned from using our services in the future.

Addons, Cryptocurrency payments and Funds added to accounts through the add funds feature are NON-REFUNDABLE. 

Service Availability

We make a large effort to ensure services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for as long as you have paid for them. Sometimes, however, for a number of reasons, services may be unavailable to you. You recognize and acknowledge that on occasion, an event will occur causing services will be unavailable. We make no representation or warranty that our services will be uninterrupted. If however we feel reason to provide compensation for a downtime even inside or outside of our control you will receive client credit only if asked for. If you do not come to us the credit will not come to you.


We reserve the full right to terminate your account at any time, with or without given notice. Your account will be terminated if you are found in violation of any of these terms.

In order to register on our site, you are required to have a valid, unique email address. Showing a fake email address will result in terminated accounts.

When ordering a server, or any other service from https://witherhosting.com, you are only renting the service. All services remain the property of WitherHosting LLC.

Legal Obligations

We claim no responsibility whatsoever for what you choose to host on your server.

You may not use our services to host or distribute adult or illegal material.

Your service can be terminated at any time for any reason.


WitherHosting will not be liable for delays or failure in performance caused by acts of God, war, terrorism, strike, labor dispute, work stoppage, fire, an act of government, or any other cause, whether similar or dissimilar, beyond our control.

https://witherhosting.com reserves the right to restrict, alter, or modify fees, benefits, rules, regulations, special offers, membership terms, and conditions or terminate services at any time extending from a valid reason.

https://witherhosting.com is not liable to store any statistical data regarding servers, such as user information.

Due to the nature of the services we provide, there may issue such as but not limited to, performance impacts, data corruption, data loss, and lag. These issues are out of our control and are not the result of our hardware or network. We are not liable for these issues, although a reasonable effort will be made to assist you with any problems you may experience. However, we do offer backups that can be downloaded and restored at any time if taken by the client inside the game panel.


All services are still subjected to software limitations and physical hardware limits.

We cannot assure that the site is completely free from exploits. If a user is caught exploiting any area of WitherHosting LLC, their account will be permanently terminated.

We reserve the right to modify any of the information on the site at any given time.

WitherHosting LLC reserves the right to disable and terminate your server if your server is regularly attacked with large scale denial of service attacks which disturb other users products or services.

If your service or services have been obtained through a Giveaway or Promotion code or even through a partnership with WitherHosting, we reserve the right to modify or cancel your services as we see fit.

WitherHosting provides BaaS (Backups as a Service) for your game servers and VPS services. Backups are handled on a per client basis and are never automatically handled by WitherHosting unless the client enabled automatic backups. WitherHosting makes no guarantee that backups will be available 100% of the time.


Servers may only be used for the services they were intended and you may not install or use unauthorized third party programs. --With the exception of the custom plan-- We do provide technical assistance such as a need for help with our Pterodactyl Panel and Server Hosting problems, and will not be held responsible for any third party software uploaded to our services. Unauthorized usage, such as attempting to access or interfere with other clients data, will result in suspension of your services.

You may not purposely bypass any limits or restrictions that your service is provisioned with, such as limited allocations, RAM limits, or CPU restrictions. Attempting to modify or bypass any usage restrictions will result in suspension or Termination of your services without any refunds.

In the event, your usage exceeds any limits existing on your server, the process exceeding these limits may be automatically disabled without notice. This may occur due to improper usage, such as a crashed or hanging server processes.

Your usage must be reasonable and should not place excessive burdens on our hardware or available resources. You may not interfere with the services we provide to other customers. In rare situations, we may place restrictions on your services in the event that your usage interferes with the services provided to other customers.

You acknowledge that the Services and any Material may not be used for the purpose of data warehousings such as (but not limited to) storage of backup or archival data, mirror sites, or personal multimedia content such as movies, music, photos or other media.

We monitor the use of the Products or Services and, if we consider that, for example, your use of the Game Hosting (for example, your disk space usage or CPU) is excessive, we reserve the right to: Contact you Requiring that you Reduce Usage as soon as possible to reduce the Risk of account Suspension.

Server Abuse

Any attempt to undermine or cause harm to a server or customer that is on WitherHosting LLC is strictly prohibited. As our customer, you are responsible for all your accounts and actions. If you violate our Terms Of Service, your account will be cancelled and terminated without a REFUND.

We reserve the right, and have absolute discretion, but not the obligation, to remove, screen or edit any content (including Material) that breaches this Agreement or is otherwise objectionable. Without prejudice to any other provision of this Agreement, we reserve the right to immediately remove any Material to which we object and/or if you are otherwise making inappropriate use of the Services contrary to the requirements of this Agreement.

Backup plugins are not to be installed on servers. Any server found with a backup plugin will have said plugin removed. If it is caught again with a similar plugin the server will be suspended or terminated without refund.

Minecraft Server Hosting

Any attempt to undermine or cause harm to a server or customer that is on Wither Hosting is strictly prohibited. As our RAM is restricted based on the package you purchased, your server will be allocated 100% that of which you purchased.

Pterodactyl Panel uses Java flags such as PermGen this means that actual memory in the game may not show the full amount that your server is allocated, however, we can assure you have the actual memory physically allocated to you.

Unlimited Slots on your server means we allow the client to add any numbers of slots but that does not mean the server will handle unlimited players. The amount of players your server can handle depends on your plugins/mods & further optimizations within your current server.

If there is a CPU intensive server it may be suspended without a second warning to prevent any issues to our clients.

Abusing our Unlimited Plans Storage or Bandwidth Usage May Result in suspension or termination or your account if the abuse is severe enough to disturb the usage of our other clients.

Using MySQL Databases that are unrelated to Minecraft is prohibited.

If we found that a client is using a Script / Jar that would allocate more RAM. We have the right to terminate your server without any warning. or Refund.

Any Plugin that will allow the client to have multiple servers on the same purchased package is not allowed. Example: SubServers on Spigot/Bukkit or anything that is similar to that.

We reserve the right, and have absolute discretion, but not the obligation, to remove, screen or edit any content (including Material) that breaches this Agreement or is otherwise objectionable. Without prejudice to any other provision of this Agreement, we reserve the right to immediately remove any Material to which we object and/or if you are otherwise making inappropriate use of the Services contrary to the requirements of this Agreement.

VPS Services

We are not responsible for any information held upon your VPS services.

If illegal content is found on one of your services your service will be terminated Instantly without warning and no refund.

Launching a DDoS or similar type of attack from our services is strictly prohibited. If any user is found to be participating in such action the user will be Suspended until information has been exchanged and a conclusion has been reached. Conclusions may include Termination without refund.

Minecraft End User License Agreement

By using any WitherHosting Minecraft-related service, including but not limited to Minecraft server hosting, you agree to the Minecraft End User License Agreement and any related or additional agreements, terms, or conditions specified therein, as provided by Mojang AB. Minecraft EULA: https://account.mojang.com/documents/minecraft_eula