What's the cost?

We're a budget host packed with power for any workload.




  • Standard Performance
  • 6 Locations
  • Standard Support
  • Ryzen 3600X - 5600X CPU*
  • Free DDoS Protection



  • Premium Performance
  • 8 Locations
  • Premium Support
  • Ryzen 5900X - 5950X CPU*
  • Free Advanced DDoS Protection

* Australia & Singapore are i9-9900K Equivalent. Node hardware may be eqivalent to the CPUs listed. For full information, consult our Hardware page.

What games do we support?


Discord Bots

Any Game Server*

* Any accepted server eggs from this list. Limited support for custom games

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What hardware do we use?

Find out what hardware WitherHosting uses to power your server!

WitherHosting is dedicated to providing the best hardware and performance for the best price and has been, since it was created. With WitherHosting, you can relax, knowing you are with the professionals.

How does WitherHosting compare?

Find out where WitherHosting stands with the competition! 

99.99% Uptime

With 99.99% uptime you know
your server is never offline.

Payment Methods

WitherHosting supports PayPal, Cards and Cryptocurrency! 

Budget Cost

Even with budget pricing WitherHosting is able to provide premium performance.

Game Support

We support Minecraft, Rust, Factorio and any other game you can think!

Blazing Fast Panel

Our Panel WitherPanel, is the fastest panel available.

One Click Installs

We support One-Click Modpack, Mod and Plugin installs for any game!


WitherPanel is our customized panel that allows you to Control, Modify, Start, Stop, Manage, Edit Files, Create Domains and enjoy running a server. With features like One-Click Mod & Plugin Installers as well as experienced support at your fingertips, it makes running a server as easy as playing one! Let your imagination run wild as you create your own worlds in seconds.

Our Locations

WitherHosting currently has 8 Locations! Pick one close to you and your players! Locations like New York, London and Los Angeles have great ping to 90% of the world!

  • New York City

  • Chicago

  • Miami

  • Los Angeles

  • London

  • Germany

  • Russia

  • Singapore

  • Turkey

  • Australia

New York City

Budget & Premium

Miami Florida

Budget & Premium

Los Angeles

Budget & Premium

Dallas Texas


Chicago Illinois

Budget & Premium


Budget & Premium

United Kingdom

Budget & Premium





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Premium Locations

New York City, USA
Los Angeles, USA
Miami, USA
Dallas, USA
London, United Kingdom
Frankfurt, Germany
Sydney, Australia
Queenstown, Singapore

Budget Locations
New York City, USA
Los Angeles, USA
Miami, USA
Dallas, USA
London, United Kingdom
Frankfurt, Germany

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